Usage Guide

The U.S. Identity Preserved Assurance Plan Mark Usage Guide outlines rules that must be followed by all companies using the Mark. Your cooperation in observing these rules ensures that together we will:

  • Provide clear and useful communication to buyers
  • Help buyers find high-quality grains and oilseeds or products
  • Support the U.S. Identity Preserved Assurance Plan and the Mark as a consistent and trustworthy symbol of the Plan, as stated in the Usage Agreement Form signed by all companies prior to use of the Mark.

Failure to comply with these rules may result in suspension or loss of privilege to use the Mark.

These products must have been produced under the U.S. Identity Preserved Assurance Plan
• The Mark must be legible on any packaging. It is recommended that it appear no smaller than 0.5 inches wide by 0.25 inches high.
• You may place the Mark anywhere on your packaging.
• Once you are approved, the Mark can appear on any packaging, collateral, advertising, websites or other materials associated with that product.
• Although it is not required we are always happy to review your materials and advise you if you would like.
The value of the Mark derives from its recognizability as a brand. Appearance, graphics, colors, texts, and fonts of the Mark cannot be modified in any way from the usage standards set forth in the U.S. Identity Preserved Assurance Plan Mark Style Guide.
• The right to use the Mark is for you and your company. The Mark is a business to business (B2B) brand that extends your verified assurance to your customer. Under some circumstances you and your customer could work together on promoting your compliance with the U.S. Identity Preserved Assurance Plan. Contact to learn more.
• The Mark may be placed on consumer packaging if it complies with foreign country regulations and procedures. Many nations have laws that regulate consumer packaging. Your customers may need further approval or assistance to use the mark. Check first.
• Four-color process, spot color or black & white (single color). We recommend that you use the color version of the Mark, as you will get more marketing value from the visibility and consumer familiarity.
• Graphic notes (for designers … PMS colors, fonts, file types, etc.)
• It is the responsibility of each company to ensure that the qualifications described herein have been met with respect to each product using the Mark. Companies are advised to consult their own legal counsel regarding compliance with these guidelines and whether use of the Mark is appropriate for their products and their company in the intended countries. U.S. Identity Preserved makes no representations or warranties to companies or third parties with respect to whether such qualifications have been met.
• The Mark is a private, self-regulatory industry program, not a program of any country’s government. Use of the Mark is at your own risk, and it is the responsibility of each individual company to ensure compliance of all elements of its use with all applicable government regulations