From seed to ship … from farmer to food manufacturer … from processor to packager … U.S. Identity Preserved grains and oilseeds are safe, secure, high-quality products that are grown with a purpose.

U.S. Identity Preserved means customers receive the exact qualities and characteristics that they order, thanks to careful practices that segregate crops and products throughout the process of production, processing and distribution. Those documented, traceable practices allow for open, transparent communication between supplier and customer, and that feedback benefits everyone along the way.

Products marked as U.S. Identity Preserved are quality-assured, delivering exclusive varieties with unique attributes and specific traits, such as size, color, flavor and composition, to the end market where they are ready for manufacturing. U.S. Identity Preserved customers are able to order specifically what they need for the future so those crops can be grown today.

U.S. Identity Preserved products demand a premium, but safe, consistent, quality results ultimately make that cost worthwhile for growers and customers alike. U.S. Identity Preserved is the value that adds value.


Land selection & planting

Previous land use check
Isolation from other production, provide adequate buffers
Inspect/clean planter
Record & track seed lot numbers

Growing & harvesting

Regular observation of crop
Remove off-type plants
Correct problems with weeds or soil conditions
Clean and inspect all equipment
If necessary, harvest in sections related to quality

Storage, records, & transporting

Inspect and clean bins
Maintain segregation
Complete logs of production & harvest
Clean and inspect truck & loading equipment
Load and maintain segregation


Receiving & handling

Confirm variety, quality, lot numbers and segregated handling and storage
Clean & inspect all handling, conveying and conditioning equipment
Maintain segregation


Adjust moisture if needed
Remove FM and splits
Segregate clean-out and final product

Transportation preparation & transporting

Clean & inspect all handling and bagging equipment
Fill, label bags or totes
Clean & inspect truck or shipping container
Move cleaned product to processor, maintaining segregation and recording all movement



Inspect load, lot numbers and condition
Record delivery
Move to segregated storage


Using SQF or other prescribed and documented processing protocols, process
IP soybeans into desired food product or ingredient
Record production, segregate products and evaluate for QA