Class is now in session at the Specialty Soya and Grains Alliance. It’s time to enroll at SSGA University!

SSGA, the premier business organization focused on U.S. Identity Preserved field crops, is giving it the old college try, unveiling an online educational platform that will teach the Identity Preserved system for U.S.-grown field crops. Importers and other buyers will learn how the U.S. Identity Preserved system for specialty soybeans and grains are grown and processed in the United States, as well as the core considerations and benefits of using U.S. IP crops as ingredients in the foods and products they manufacture.

Those who complete SSGA University courses will receive an official completion certificate from SSGA, along with access to SSGA University’s Identity Preserved technical manuals that will allow them to dig even further into their respective subject areas and keep them for future reference.

“Our program of Identity Preserved technical courses is directed toward new buyers who can benefit from acquiring U.S. IP products from the United States, as well as current buyers who have the desire to increase their knowledge of U.S. IP products,” SSGA Executive Director Eric Wenberg said. “We want to educate customers on what it takes to get U.S. Identity Preserved products to market, from producer to processor to end user. It will be a great training and educational resource for anyone who takes our courses.”

Classes begin with the IP Highway, a four-chapter course that focuses on the U.S. Identity Preserved system, including:

  • Defining Identity Preserved and the benefits of U.S. IP field crops
  • Traceability of U.S. IP products and demand for transparency
  • Intermodal transportation of U.S. IP products, including shipping logistics and costs
  • Purchasing U.S. IP products, including product verification and contract evaluation

After passing the IP Highway of courses, participants may choose from one or more of the next group of courses, which cover individual foods and how premium U.S. Identity Preserved ingredients vastly improve the quality, consistency and profitability of those products. Those courses include:

  • Soymilk and Tofu
  • Tempeh
  • Miso and Natto
  • Soy Flours
  • Specialty Grains

“For buyers, the advantage of taking these courses is seeing and truly understanding the benefit U.S. Identity Preserved field crops bring to their companies,” Wenberg said. “Although these premium ingredients may cost more at the onset, they will provide the greater value throughout the manufacturing process, resulting in better products for their own customers.”

Course modules were developed by SSGA in conjunction with Clutch, an agriculture and food businesses consultancy and agency. SSGA’s IP technical manuals were developed in conjunction with Clutch and the food and agricultural industry consulting firm Agromeris.

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